Covid-19 FAQs

Due to the current circumstances, we are having to rethink how we work.

We have adapted and are working in a much more insular way than ever before. Literally one by one! This means that where there were three or four of us in the studio every single day to quickly make and dispatch your orders as they came in, now there is only one of us doing this daily. We are on a staff rotation so that no one works at the same time on your parcel and each one can safely maintain their distance from each other. This might be the new normal for a little while, which means that we will be slightly slower dispatching your order.

Rest assured we will get all orders out as soon as humanly possible but we ask for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times as we are doing the best we can. If your order if affected due to any issues with our supply chain along the way, we will inform you right away and an alternative plan will be agreed with you. We hope that this will be a rare occurrence and we very much hope that we can continue with business as usual ( as much as possible ) so that we can continue to offer you our five star service and products that we love to make!


Can I still place orders with thelittlepicturecompany?

Absolutely. Although we have had to streamline our product offering due to the fact we are working solo at the moment, there are still many thoughtful gifts you can select from our current collection.   We are also available at should you require any extra assistance.

How are you looking after your team?

We are a very small team with only three of us currently working on your orders. At no time will be be working together in the same studio, and we are rotating our shifts so that every one can get their work done for your order, whilst still maintaining a safe social distance from each other. 

What are you doing to ensure that Coronavirus is not spread through products your are selling? 

We have conducted a deep clean on our studio and are stringently applying an anti-bacterial solution to all working surfaces daily. We are also keeping our distance from all delivery drivers, couriers and postmen by enforcing a strict ‘leave at the door’ policy. All new stock entering the office is quarantined for 48 hours before we handle it. 

Is it safe to accept post at this time?

With regards to Coronavirus and parcels, Royal Mail have confirmed the following on their website:


Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus. From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. 

Based on this information, we will continue to send out orders as long as Royal Mail are happy to collect them.

Will my package still be delivered in time? 

Whilst we understand that you would like to receive your parcel as soon as possible, please understand that the Royal Mail and courier services are currently under a lot of pressure. We will do everything we can to meet your delivery date.  However, due to the unusual circumstances within the UK, some deliveries may arrive later than expected.  Although this isn’t the experience we’d hope for our customers, we appreciate your patience and understanding.


Supporting a small business

Our small business exists only because of our lovely customers, ( that’s you! ) and although we have remained closed for the past eight weeks in order for our small team to stay safe and remain at home with their families, we have spent many years building up our small business and we need to now come back! Of course, our business needs to survive so we are very excited to be back and creating our make-you-smile products that you can enjoy or share with loved ones ( from a distance! ).  I hope to see you back again ordering something special from us and if there is anything we can help you with, a custom design, an extra note with your order, or just a question…. I look forward to hearing from you :) We appreciate you, and we appreciate your support.

Thank you x