Living in Lockdown: 5 Activities to Keep Children Busy whilst Spreading Kindness

Living in Lockdown: 5 Activities to Keep Children Busy whilst Spreading Kindness

Living in Lockdown: 5 Activities to Keep Children Busy whilst Spreading Kindness

For our third post in our Living in Lockdown series; we’ve already shared 11 Ways to Give Thanks and Creative Ways to Stay Connected, which we hope you have enjoyed. This post is all about keeping children entertained because perhaps one of the biggest changes for a lot of us was suddenly having our children at home all the time. As the schools shut, reality hit for parents up and down the country that they had to start the challenging task of home learning or simply just keeping their children entertained seven days a week.

We’ve come up with five fun activities that will keep children busy during lockdown and throughout the summer holidays

We’ve come up with five fun activities that will keep children busy during lockdown and throughout the summer holidays, whilst spreading some kindness because you can never have too much in the world! These can all be done at home or in your local area, so are perfect whilst many remain at home or for entertainment on a rainy day.


Drawing a picture to transform into a gift 

Drawing is always a popular activity for children of all ages, but why not take it a little further and bring their drawing to life on one of our Personalised Child’s Drawing gifts

There are lots of different child's drawing gifts to choose from, including bookmarks, coasters, mugs, phone stands and keyrings. It is always such a thoughtful touch when you or your child spends time to make something completely personal as a gift.

Living in Lockdown: 5 Activities to Keep Children Busy whilst Spreading Kindness
Pictured: Personalised Unicorn Pencil Case £12.00

Taking the time to choose who they want to give a gift to, draw them a beautiful picture and then all you have to do is send it across to us at The Little Picture Company and we’ll transform it into a special keepsake gift that can be treasured forever. If your child loves drawing and colouring then our Personalised Pencil Case range would be a special gift for their birthday, to celebrate a positive end of year report or to give to a friend etc.

Personalised Child's Drawing Coaster

Personalised Child's Drawing Coaster £7.95

Learning to take photographs

Taking photographs isn’t just the perfect way to capture a moment in time, but also is a skill that can be learnt.

Taking this slightly slower pace of life to learn a new skill is something both adults and children can do alike. Snapping a photograph can be highly skilled and creative or a quick one second job, but either way a skill that your children will use for the rest of their life. You also don’t need a fancy camera, simply teach them how to open the camera on your phone, ensure their subject is within the photo, set timer and photograph away! The feeling of pride when they see their photographs will be so exciting and you could either have them made into a Personalised Photo Coaster (or any of our other Personalised Photo Gifts) or printed off and put inside a scrapbook for keepsake.

personalised photo coaster gift

Personalised Photo Coaster £6.95

Collecting treasure to create a picture

Treasure hunts are a childhood classic and always so much fun, but to add that touch of spreading kindness why not collect treasure from nature to create a friend/family member a beautiful picture.

Personalised Child's Treasure Tin

Children's Personalised 'Treasure Box Storage' Tin £18.00

Go for a walk around your local area or in your garden and collect an array of twigs, flowers, leaves etc. You could use our Children’s Personalised ‘Treasure Box’ Storage Tin for that extra level of excitement or it also makes a perfect birthday gift. Once you have your ‘treasure’ let your children’s imagination run wild and then post their nature creation to the lucky recipient.

personalised children's small storage tin box 

Putting together a show for family/friends

Missing friends/family has been a reality for so many months now, but you can help stay connected through FaceTime and sending videos/photos. It could be a puppet show, re-enactment from a favourite movie/musical, singing a song or simply their own invention, but either way children will love filming their ‘show’ for loved ones to enjoy. To watch or film their performance our range of Personalised Phone Stands are ideal, as they enable you to all gather round to watch the show together. You could even go one step further and send out invitations to the show in advance, schedule in a time for everyone to watch and have popcorn like the real theatre/cinema experience.

Personalised Child's Drawing Phone Stand Gift

Personalised Child's Drawing Phone Stand £15

Painting rocks to hide

This has become such a popular activity since lockdown and provides endless excitement on walks for children. The constant search for new painted rocks, finding them, hiding them again or adding to a rock snake has been the activity of lockdown for lots of children. It’s also an activity that appeals to all ages, whether it be a toddler wanting to paint a stone in all of colours of the rainbow or a child wanting to paint an actual rainbow to help spread joy.

Once you’ve painted your stones then pop them into a bag, our range of Personalised Backpacks are perfect and come in a vast array of colours/designs, then hide them around your local area to bring joy to other local children when they find them.

Personalised Unicorn Children's backback

 Children's Personalised Unicorn Pink Backpack £22.95

We really hope these activities inspire you and help to keep your children entertained during the next few months. We’d love to see your photographs if you do any of these, so please tag us and use the hashtag #thelittlepicturecompany. Thank you for taking the time to read our Living in Lockdown series so far. Please stay tuned for our final instalment next week!

We hope you stay safe and well.

Bye for now.


Helen x

Guest blog written by Helen from Treasure Every Moment

Treasure Every Moment blog

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