Living in Lockdown: 11 Ways to Give Thanks

Giving thanks during lock down

Living in Lockdown: 11 Ways to Give Thanks

Since the end of March, the nation has been in lockdown due to coronavirus and we’ve all had to find our own ‘new normal’. Spending time with family and friends, wandering around the shops, enjoying days out and travelling around have quickly become a thing of the past, all of which are sacrifices that are so incredibly important to make in order to protect our NHS and save lives. However, that doesn’t mean any of this has been easy and without its challenges.

Spending so much time apart from family and friends has been really hard for so many of us, but there are loads of ways to stay connected, stay positive and spread thanks to the incredible key workers. This was the inspiration behind our exciting new Rainbow Collection and ‘Living in Lockdown’ blog series. In this series we’ll be sharing unique ways to give thanks, tips on how to stay connected for all ages, thoughtful ways to spread joy amongst family/friends and fun activities to keep children entertained during lockdown to name a few. Giving thanks, spreading joy and staying connected are things many of us need in order to keep positive during this surreal and challenging time, so make sure you don’t miss any of the new Living in Lockdown inspirational series by being subscribed to our newsletter.


Giving Thanks

To start our new Living in Lockdown series we’re shining a light on all of the special key workers putting their lives on the line to help those in need, which we couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for. One thoughtful way to show gratitude is to treat those special people in our lives to a little gift to simply say thank you. Key workers are showing relentless commitment, positivity and dedication in a whole range of sectors, including health and social care, education, childcare, key public services, local and national government, food and other necessary goods, public safety, national security, transport, as well as utilities, communication and financial services. None of which should be forgotten or overlooked; this is a challenging time in so many aspects of life and taking the time to give back really does make such a difference, especially at the moment.


Our Rainbow Collection is filled with an array of gifts aimed at all ages, including the Personalised ‘We Can’t Thank You Enough’ Mug that would be perfect for a key worker in any profession, as you can create something completely bespoke by adding their name and who the gift has been sent from. When times are hard and days are long, your special someone can sit down for a hot drink in this mug, guaranteeing to make them smile and feel appreciated.

rainbow thank you mug for giving thanks during lock down to keyworkers

While most of us are staying at home or in our local area, we mustn’t forget that key workers are still travelling to work every single day. Our Personalised ‘We Can’t Thank You Enough’ Keyring and Personalised ‘Thank You Key Worker’ Keyring are a daily reminder that not only you, but the nation, are so thankful for the incredible work being done.

If drinking hot drinks or travelling daily isn’t what the special people you know are doing, then why not brighten their home with the Personalised ‘We Can’t Thank You Enough’ Wall Pennant? The ‘Thank You’ rainbow adds a splash of colour to any room in their house and is truly something to display with pride!

Sending a card is always a lovely way to say thank you or even to let someone know how much you're missing them. We've designed a printable card that you could match with one of our blush rainbow style gifts or even send on it's own. The best thing about it is that it's absolutely free! All you have to do is add the Free Blush Rainbow Printable Card to your basket and you will get a download link when you check out. Then all you have to do is print! 

Free Blush Rainbow Printable Card

There are lots of other ways, big and small, that we can all show how grateful we are, such as:

Sharing a smile
Simple, free and can be done anytime.

Writing a letter
Taking the time to write a letter or postcard and send it to someone who deserves a big THANK YOU really will mean so much to them.

Sending a video
Could be funny to cheer someone up, one giving thanks, a reminder that their loved ones aren’t too far away etc.

Display a rainbow
A creative way to join a whole community of people giving thanks to the NHS and key workers throughout the nation.

Create a slideshow
This is a popular one for key workers in education/childcare settings, as it works well with a group or class of people. Send a group message organising each person to hold a sign with a word, snap a photo, collate them into a slideshow to reveal the full message and send to whoever you are saying thanks to.

Colouring or drawing
Channel your inner artist by colouring, drawing or painting a picture to send/give to a key worker. Children will love getting involved with this one and is a fun way to get them involved in understanding the importance of the key workers during this time.

Get crafting
Lockdown has been the perfect time to take up a new hobby or perfect an old one, whether that be knitting, crocheting, calligraphy, photography, cross-stitch, card-making, sewing, embroidery, scrapbooking etc. Use your skills to create something special for a key worker in your life, for example crochet a rainbow or make a card to give to your postal worker.

Put together a care package
ey workers are working extremely hard, so why not make them a care package tailored to the requirements of their job? If they have a physically demanding job then putting their feet up to relax is important, so include some cosy socks, bubble bath or body lotion. If they are working at different hours or throughout the night then you could include sweet treats for energy, relaxing pillow spray to help them sleep when they can or an eye mask to block out the sunlight.

Taking the time to give thanks to the key workers in your life and those you’ve never met really does make such a difference! We would once again like to share our gratitude to the incredible work key workers are doing up and down the country every single day.

 Helen x

Guest blog written by Helen from Treasure Every Moment

Treasure Every Moment blog

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