July Birth Month Fun Facts and Gift Guide

July Birth Month Facts and Gift Ideas

Born in June: Fun facts, birth stone, birth flower and more!

In this article you'll find interesting facts about July and gift ideas for July birthdays.

July Birth Stone: Ruby

Often referred to as "the king of gems", the rare ruby is the second hardest natural stone (diamond being the hardest). It is said to symbolise love, passion, courage, confidence, vitality and strength. There is a lot of mystical lore surrounding the ruby, it was believed to have the ability to predict misfortune or danger and even protect its wearer.

July Birth Flower: Larkspur or Water Lily

The Larkspur represents "strong bonds of love" and the Water Lily symbolises purity and majesty. 

July Personality Traits

People born in July are caring, sympathetic, sincere and well loved by those close to them. They have the potential to be geniuses, but are also sensitive which could make them prone to depression. They appreciate alone time, but when they do make friends - it’s for life. 

Did you know...

• July was named in honour of Julius Caesar, it being his birth month.

• Ruby (the July Birth stone) is the hardest natural gemstone after diamonds.

• The first ever Tour De France race took place on 1 July 1903.

• Sometimes the hot, long days of July are called the "dog days of summer". Find out why they're called dog days on Wikipedia.

Special dates in July:

06 July: International Kissing Day

17 July: World Emoji Day

24 July: International Tequila Day

30 July: International World Friendship day 

Famous July Birthdays

Julius Caeser, Frida Kahlo, E.B. White, Henry David Thoreau, Nelson Mandela, Ernest Hemingway, Amelia Earhart, Stanley Kubrick, Beatrix Potter, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez and Priyanka Chopra.


July Birthday Gift Guide

Personalised Zodiac Sign Star Sign Bookmark gift

1. Personalised Zodiac Bookmark

This beautiful sturdy bookmark has a glossy finish, comes with a ribbon and can be personalised with a name, date of birth and corresponding star sign.


Personalised Tropical Pattern Luggage Tag

2. Personalised Tropical Pattern Luggage Tag 

This double sided luggage tag is made of hard wearing plastic and will probably last longer than your luggage! 


Personalised Birthday Bath Bomb Macarons In Gift Box

3. Personalised Birthday Bath Bomb Macarons In Gift Box 

This sweet little gift is a perfect combination of a treat and keepsake. The macaron bath bombs smell divine and the personalised keepsake box is a gift in itself!


Personalised 'Bee Happy' Kindness and Relaxation Kit

4. Personalised 'Bee Happy' Kindness and Relaxation Kit

If you're looking for a more extravagant summer time gift then the 'Bee Happy' Kindness and Relaxation Kit is the one to get. Inside the personalised keepsake tin you will find a decadent fig and wild pear scented candle, olive soap, a lucky keepsake pebble with a bee on one side and the words 'Be Yourself' on the other, a seed ball tin with a special 'bee mix' to grow flowers that bees love and lastly a delightful peach bath macaron. This gifts seems to keep giving! 
Use the code BORNINJULY to get a sneaky 10% off this product :)



If you'd like to see more of our personalised birthday gifts please click the link below.


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